I'm Dora! I'm a Holistic Stress & Nutrition Coach passionate about supporting women and mothers in addressing their daily and chronic stress & anxiety; restoring health & energy; and living with purpose, peace and resiliency.











We all experience bumps and hurdles in life, and sometimes these obstacles may look more like mountains - immovable, insurmountable.

The struggle with stress, anxiety, pain, and sleep is real!


I know, I've been there. But just as there are challenges in life, there are also support and opportunities waiting to be discovered. Drawing from the tools of Yoga, iRest Meditation and Reiki, in addition to the knowledge I have accumulated as a holistic nutritionist and former medical researcher, my approach integrates both Western scientific knowledge and Eastern ancient wisdom to support you through your healing journey in the most natural, holistic, and gentle way. 


Let me show you how to regain control of your health & life; invite meaning, purpose, deep peace, and joy into your life; transform your mind & body, and reconnect with your inner most authentic self.

Are you?

  • stressed or overwhelmed

  • frequently anxious

  • feel isolated or alone

  • suffering from chronic pain

  • struggling to get enough sleep

  • tired of living this way

  • wanting to make a change but don't know where to start 

Are you ready to TRANSFORM your

stress, anxiety, pain or 

sleep difficulties into 

peace, freedom, resiliency empowerment?

iRest Group Meditation

So much more than a group class! It is the coming together of like-minded souls to learn, support, and nurture one another. It is a place where we can meet, share a nourishing practice and then have a moment together to connect, to share our experiences and tell our stories. Isn't it beautiful to be amongst friends as we reconnect with our purest selves bathed in compassion, love and understanding?

iRest Private Sessions

iRest® Dyad Co-meditations can have profound & transformational effects on your personal, spiritual, and healing journey.  It allows you to sit face-to-face with yourself by sitting face-to-face with another, who is lovingly holding space for you without judgement. It gives you an opportunity to safely explore and call back deeper, forgotten, or abandoned parts of yourself, so you can reconnect and feel your wholeness once again.  


A beautiful & powerful ancient practice that is also gentle on your mind & body. Reiki is a form of energy work that aims to re-balance and revitalize your body's energy flow. Many who have received Reiki experienced significant reduction in stress, anxiety & pain, while feeling a greater sense of relaxation, peace, and well-being. Reiki is non-invasive can be a wonderfully supportive to your healing.

* All services are offered virtually via video call or by phone *

Beautiful Landscape

Stress & Nutrition Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things you have in your life and feel like you never have enough time to accomplish everything?

Do you feel isolated, anxious, and have fears or uncertainties about the future?

Are you stressed out, nervous, suffering from chronic pain, or have problems with sleep? 

Do you wish to feel healthier, happier, and in control of your health and life?

Are you looking for a change but don't know where to start or lack the motivation or support to be successful?

I can help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. I can support you to gain insight needed to move you in the right direction. I will be with you every step of the way to guide, support, and motivate you through your transformational journey to a healthier, more confident, and happier self.

Are you ready?

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Yoga at Home

Joanna W

Dora is a wise, careful and compassionate teacher. Her instructions and explanations during classes are simple and clear to understand. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced yogi, Dora’s classes are for everyone. She has a love of learning and constantly explores and challenges herself to be a better teacher.


She encourages all her students to connect with their bodies and understand them better. I have learned from Dora that it is important to accept the limitations of my own body and enjoy its imperfectness. Thank you for showing me how wonderful a yoga practice might be!

Kind Words...

Adriana M

Dora's knowledge, dedication and professionalism showed every step of the way. I am forever grateful for having her support. I cannot thank her enough.


Many of us, searching for ways to improve our health (physically and emotionally), need someone to listen to us. Once we are heard, the healing process begins. In my case this has been life changing!


I always felt happy when arriving to our sessions and happier when leaving with a sense of calm, relaxation and well being but most importantly, I always left feeling EMPOWERED which is really important for me.

I thank her from the bottom of my heart!!

Emily C

What I most appreciate about Dora’s yoga classes is the clear, thoughtful, and well-paced instructions. What stands out the most to me about her style is her ability to really infuse confidence in my body during practice. Safety and mindfulness is important to me. She really helped me tune into the different parts of my body and feel focused. 

Dora also helped me on my health journey through holistic nutrition. Personal nutrition can be an intimate topic for most. Dora makes the conversation very safe, non-judgmental, and engaging. Every step of the way, she emphasized the importance of our individual journey with food and worked hard to make a plan that is achievable and meaningful to our family. I really enjoy my time with Dora because she is knowledgeable, a continuous learner, and is always open and excited to talk.

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