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I'm Dora! I'm a Holistic Stress & Resilience Coach offering Private Yoga, Meditation and Reiki, both virtually and in-person. Learn how to reduce the effects of stress on the body & mind and discover simple, effective techniques for building resilience to the stressors of everyday life.











We all experience bumps and hurdles in life, and sometimes these obstacles may look more like mountains - immovable, insurmountable.

The struggle with stress and anxiety is real!


I know, I've been there. But just as there are challenges in life, there are also support and opportunities waiting to be discovered. Drawing from the tools of Yoga, Integrative Restoration (iRest®) Meditation and Reiki, in addition to the knowledge I have accumulated as a holistic nutritionist and former medical researcher, my approach integrates both western scientific knowledge and eastern ancient wisdom to support you through your healing journey in the most natural, holistic, and gentle way. 


Let me show you how to regain control of your health; invite meaning, purpose, deep peace, and joy into your life; transform your mind & body, and reconnect with your inner most authentic self.

Are you?

  • stressed or experiencing burnout

  • frequently anxious

  • feeling isolated and alone

  • feeling unfulfilled

  • feeling disconnected

  • tired of living this way

  • wanting to make a change but don't know where to start 


Are you ready to TRANSFORM your

stress, anxiety or pain into 

peace, freedom, resiliency empowerment?

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Group & Private Classes

If you are curious about Yoga and Meditation and would love to practice in a supportive community, join me in my online and in-person Yoga and Meditation classes. Doesn't matter where you are around the globe, we can all come together, connect and share a practice!

If you have something more specific you would like to work on, book a private class with me. We can tailor the class to support your unique needs and help you to thrive not only in your practice, but in your daily life! 

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Deep Dive Sessions

Private one-on-one Deep Dive sessions are based in the method of Integrative Restoration (iRest®) with possible integration of other modalities such as Yoga and Reiki. This is a powerful guided, interactive, meditative practice that can quickly deepen your connection to yourself by helping you to uncover and move through your unconscious mental and emotional blockages that may be hindering your health, wellness, or personal goals. 

Reiki Treatment


A beautiful & powerful ancient practice that is also gentle on your mind & body. Reiki is a form of energy work that aims to re-balance and revitalize your body's energy flow. Many who have received Reiki experienced significant reduction in stress, anxiety & pain, while feeling a greater sense of relaxation, peace, and well-being. Reiki is non-invasive can be a wonderfully supportive to your healing.

* Services are offered virtually and in-person *

Holistic Stress & Resilience Coaching

Are you constantly pressed for time, rushing everywhere, busy in the 'doing' but never seem to get anywhere?

Do you get frustrated and irritated easily and react more often than you would like?

​Are you trying your best but still feel as though you are never good enough?

Do you feel like you have "lost yourself" but don't know how (or feel afraid) to reclaim yourself?

Do you feel like something is missing in your life but are fearful of what this means and how to 'fix' it?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, I feel you! I've been there!


Wouldn't you rather operate from a place of inner peace and love than fear and insecurity?


How would you like to feel confident in your decisions and establish an unshakeable self-trust?


Imagine what it would be like to feel firmly grounded and whole even amidst challenges, conflict and adversity?

How would you like to stand in your power and be fully accepting of your authentic self and have the confidence to express and voice your truth at all times?


Guess what? All these are possible! And I can show you how! I will guide and support you every step of the way.


"Working with Dora through one-on-one coaching and learning iRest through her 6 week meditation course has tremendously impacted my life. Working with Dora has changed the way that I see my life, the way that I respond to things in my life, and the way that I want to live my life moving forward. 


I suffered from PTSD after a severe TBI and I battle multiple autoimmune diseases. I started working with Dora because I needed to shift my mindset and I needed to find peace and calm in my life. Dora has helped me to do this in such a tremendous way. I am so grateful that Dora was brought into my life and that I’ve had the opportunity to be guided by her wisdom and knowledge. 


iRest meditation has helped me to manage and deal with my health challenges, and virtually eliminate major stress and anxiety. The one-on-one coaching and iRest practice has helped me to find my centre again. My home within myself. I no longer search outside of myself for happiness or safety. 


I have worked with multiple therapy modalities and have done over a year of talk therapy and I must say that working with Dora and practicing iRest meditation has been the best form of therapy I have ever experienced."

— Julie C

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