New Moons

Here are our upcoming meetings for the women's circle. Mark them in your calendar so that you can plan ahead to attend. These 2-hour sessions are held on Saturdays from 4 to 6 pm PST.


Dates for 2022

Jan 29 - Exploring Vulnerability

Mar 5 - Presence & Compassion

Apr 2 - Letting go of Attachments

Apr 30 - Allowing & Welcoming

May 28 - Manifesting your Heart's Desire

Jul 2 - Acceptance & Forgiveness

Jul 30 - The Art of dealing with Conflict

Aug 27 - Healing from the Body Up

Sep 24 - Witnessing Your Ego

Oct 22 - Finding Peace and Freedom

Nov 26 - Joy & Gratitude

Dec 17 - Living in the Flow

Next Session: Jan 29th 2022

Exploring Vulnerability


We all have experienced moments where we felt vulnerable. For many of us, we have been conditioned to associate vulnerability with weakness and we have learned to protect ourselves from feeling vulnerable. However, what if we looked at this another way? What if the ability to feel and express our vulnerability is not weakness, but is a sign of strength and courage? 

As much as it may be uncomfortable or unsettling to feel into vulnerability, when we are able to sit with it, we actually begin to open up so many more doorways to emotions like love, joy and compassion.


Join us for our next Women's Circle as we explore what it means to be vulnerable and see the beauty in vulnerability.  

Women's Circle

A meeting place for kindred souls

I am thrilled to partner up with Holistic Life Coach, Maria Ortega, to create a sacred meeting place for all women.

​Let us join together in a sisterhood where everything shared is sacred and confidential. From celebrations to challenges, we share our stories in a nurturing and non-judgmental space, allowing us to deepen in self-reflection, rest and healing. 

Our women's circle welcomes all spiritual and cultural backgrounds, with the unifying theme of love, compassion and acceptance. We practice openness, non-judgment and respect for one another, for oneself, and for the earth. In our circle you can connect with like-minded women, form meaningful friendships, and experience the magic of sisterhood. This is a space where you are free to speak your truth, love your body, share your hopes, dreams and struggles, and experience the transformative healing power of being in community.

We meet on (or near) the new moon. As women, we are inextricably linked to the moon cycle. The moon cycle is 29 days, which mirrors our menstrual cycle. Working with the moon is a powerful way for us to attune to our own sacred cycle and connect us to mother nature.

The moon has four main phases. Each phase has its own vibrations. We choose to work with the new moon as this is the phase where the sun and the moon align. This signifies the balance of masculine and feminine energies and is a wonderful time to turn inward for self-reflection and set new intentions for the new cycle. 

Each session is held online via Zoom and include:

  • Short grounding practice

  • Time for group introductions

  • Present the theme/topic of the session

  • A short experiential practice related to the theme of the session

  • Open discussion for sharing and connecting

  • A closing guided meditation

These sessions are opened to all women and no meditation experience is necessary.

Sessions are donation-based. Sliding scale $5 to $30. Please contribute what you can, you are always welcomed no matter your financial status.