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Dora Chan

Understand Your Stress & Stand In Your Power!


Learn what it means to be truly healthy and how stress impacts your body, mind and soul. Understand how stress manifests in your life and learn why discovering your Heartfelt Desire can support you in regaining control so that you can stand firmly in your power.


Dora Chan

Holistic Stress & Nutrition Coach

Dora is a former Medical Researcher turned Holistic Stress & Nutrition Coach. She is trained in Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, Integrative Restoration Meditation and Reiki. In her practice, she focuses on helping women, especially mothers, understand and address their Stress & Anxiety with a natural, holistic and integrative approach.


Understanding that stress comes to us in many forms, Dora’s multidisciplinary background offers her a unique perspective in recognizing and finding solutions to obvious and hidden sources of stress that show up in our lives both physically and psychologically. 


The philosophy she lives by is that True Health is the outcome of balance and harmony in all aspects of life. Therefore, when we seek to restore health, resiliency, joy, purpose and direction in our lives, we need to address our health in a holistic way. Dora understands this and her approach to managing and healing stress aims to restore balance in Mind, Body and Soul. Her method is accessible, realistic, yet nurturing, tailoring to each individual’s unique journey to health and well-being. 

Contact Dora: dora@dorachanyoga.net

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube: @dorachanyoga

Dora Chan Yoga

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