iRest Private Sessions

Discover your unshakable peace and strength within

Private, one-on-one iRest® sessions, also called Dyad Co-meditation, is a powerful practice that can quickly deepen your meditation experience and profoundly transform your life. 

A Dyad is different from a guided meditation where you are passively listening and following suggestions from the teacher. Here, you actively participate in your own meditative process. As your guide, I hold space for you to safely venture into your inner world so that you can meet, greet, and welcome, all the pieces of you that want to be seen, heard, listened to, and connected with. Allowing for two-way communication during your meditation means that each practice is uniquely personalized to your specific needs in the moment. This has continued to be one of the most valuable and tremendously effective tool in my practice. I am deeply grateful and humbled to be able to share this beautiful method with you.  

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