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DCY Community

Join me in building an online community where we can gather, connect, and support one another, especially during these challenging times when we are likely to feel stressed, anxious, and disconnected from society and from ourselves. This is a private Facebook group, and the intention is to create a safe space for people to drop in, connect, share stories, and to feel a sense of support and community. No cost to join, no time commitments, just drop in to see what might inspire you that day.

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Dora Chan Yoga


 I highly encourage you to join in as a member of the Dora Chan Yoga (DCY) Community.   It is free to join and you will always be in the know about our latest news and events. Most   importantly, together, we will build a strong community with like-minded souls who love to   connect with and support one another on our journeys to health & transformation! 

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