Fulfilling Your Heart's Desire

5-Day Challenge

May 24th to 28th, 2021

Every day for 5 days we will dive into your health and personal goals. You will understand the underlying motivation of your goals and why you may have failed to commit to them in the past. You will learn how to tap into your heart's deepest desire and operate from a place of love and purpose. From this new perspective, you will not only be able to set meaningful intentions for real, positive, long-term change, but you will do so with joy and confidence!


Sessions lead by

Dora Chan


Dissatisfaction, Confusion & Indecision


To finding

Clarity, Confidence & Purpose!

What you will learn:

Identify & Understand where you are dissatisfied in life right now.

Reflect on the changes you want to implement and understand the motivation behind them.

Get to the underlying reason for these changes.

Discover your Heartfelt Desire & Life Purpose

Set meaningful intentions for purposeful living.


Daily Schedule

Monday - May 24

  • Assess where you are in life right now

  • Identify your health and personal goals

  • Understand the challenges to making long-term changes 

Tuesday - May 25

  • Identify the underlying drive for the changes you want to make

  • Understand how the motivation behind your goals impacts your success

Wednesday - May 26

  • Get crystal clear on your motivations

  • Address the root issue of dissatisfaction

  • Bring to light any limiting beliefs or misconceptions that are keeping you stuck

Thursday - May 27

  • Discover your Heartfelt Desire

  • Learn why it is important to operate from your Heartfelt Desire

  • Understand how to obtain true contentment and fulfillment

Friday - May 28

  • Understand the importance of intentions

  • Learn how to cultivate self-trust and why this affects future intentions

  • Set meaningful intentions that lead to life-changing transformations

Saturday - May 29

  • Catch up day!

The Vibrant & Nourished Mama Blueprint:​

Learn the 5 steps to free yourself from chaos; feel grounded in your authentic power; operate from a place of calm; transform your experience with stress; build & grow meaningful connections with your kids, partner, and most importantly, yourself!

Announcement of the scholarship for a place in the Vibrant & Nourished Mama Group Coaching Program $2997 value

Your must be on the webinar to win.

Sunday Final Webinar: May 30

How to Win Daily Prizes:

  • There will be opportunities to win one of four Restorative Healing sessions (valued at $120) throughout the challenge week from Tuesday to Friday. 

  • Each time you complete your homework and post it in the private Facebook group your name will be entered into a draw. Use the hashtag: #HFDmay2021

  • The winner of each day will be announced at the end of each daily training call.

  • You must be in attendance to win the day's prize. 

How to get entered into a draw for the $2997 scholarship to the Vibrant & Nourished Mama Group Coaching Program:

  • Each time you comment in the Facebook Group with your homework answers, your name goes into the draw (that's 5 opportunities) use #HFDmay2021

  • When you show up for the final webinar on Sunday, you get another opportunity

  • You must be at the final webinar when your name is called in order to win!

Don't forget to join the Private Facebook Group for this Challenge! 

Challenge Videos

For your convenience, all replays will be posted here after the LIVE session.


About Dora Chan


About Dora Chan

Dora is a former Medical Researcher turned Holistic Stress & Nutrition Coach, with training in Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, Integrative Restoration Meditation and Reiki. She is passionate about supporting women and mothers in addressing their stress & anxiety; restoring health & energy; and living with purpose, peace and resiliency.


In her practice, she often sees a common trend in mothers, and that is, they tend to put everyone else’s needs first and their needs last. Mothers often feel selfish or guilty about prioritizing their self-care. "Selfish", said like it is a dirty word. Many mothers continue to grind through life until their bodies and minds break down. Then they try to "patch" themselves up enough so that they can continue to grind forward - always moving and going, but in actuality, going nowhere at all.


Dora understands that we can't separate our health into components. We can't try to fix the health of our physical body without healing conflicts of the mind, heart and spirit. We can't truly be healthy until our mind, body, and spirit are in alignment. As mothers, we often strive to put others first, however, we can't actually care for and nurture those around us to the best of our abilities until we can do that for ourselves.


Seeing a real need to support mothers who are struggling with stress and overwhelm, Dora is determined to educate and empower women and mothers to take back control of their physical, psychological and spiritual health. Because she believes that in order for us to continue to love and care for those around us at our fullest capacity, we need to start caring for ourselves.